More features - more comfort


Dear players! Before the start of new server we are preparing many updates and nice additions for You. Today we want to tell You about new feature that will work on the all servers of the our project.
Let's remember the not to distant part. When player, with nickname, lililillililiilil could not find a party, or experienced difficulties while trading, as before it was impossible to write a nick, just clicking on it in chat. But, as we know, laziness is the progress engine. And now, thanks God, this function is available us. But what if we go even further and speed up some of the gameplay elements for more convenience?
Next few days will available feature quick invitations to the party. You don't have to write /invite and don't have to find in the crowd right nick. Now is enough that player which want to join to the party, write to the chat one of the valid commands:
As a result this action in chat will generate a message with a short information of the character (Class, Level) and invitations button to the party.

When you press a button [?] the player will receive invitation to the your party.
But that's not all. As bonus to the previous novelty, we also implemented a feature quick target. There are times when you run through the level and suddenly notice in the chat cries for help, pleas for mercy, and then requests of resurrection. But, unfortunately, You have no idea where the lost player, and write /target is sometimes too lazy.;) So, now it is enough to make one mouse click.
To do this, the player who is in need of resurrection, should write in the chat one of the valid commands:
As a result this action in chat will generate a message,as in the previous paragraph:

When you press a button [?] the player which wrote a message will be your target.
I hope that these small additions will make Your game more convenient and comfortable.
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