Active Event "Hunters Guild"


If you count how many monsters each character kills during its existence on the server, you might get scared by those numbers. But this is the feature of this game: If you want to live, you must kill.

To increase level of their characters, players almost got to kill thousands of monsters every day in the game world. Often such pastime brings a special joy, but rather the opposite, maybe even to oppress, because we have to do this, because it is necessary.
But why not combine the pleasant with the useful? That's why we decided to start an event on our project "Hunters Guild" in order to encourage players to burn lion's share of his playing time on the total destruction of all life in the world of Lineage 2.

The task of the event is quite simple and should be familiar to many. The player who reached the 76th level, may take the order from the Guild for killing certain types of monsters. After completing the task, the player receives the corresponding award.

Now a little more about everything and in order.
Every player is automatically a member of the Hunters Guild. However, to begin performing tasks, it is necessary, as already mentioned to be 76th level.
In order to get tasks, player must use the command .gettask, selecting the target of that monster, which he is willing to take an order from the Guild. With the active task this command displays information about the purpose of the order which is necessary to accomplish the killings.You can take an order only for killing normal monsters. That is, you cannot use this command on Raid Bosses, minions of Bosses, quest monsters, other players and other objects in the game that are not monsters. You also cannot take the task to kill the monsters whose level is below the level of the character by 5.
If the player wishes to abort the task execution it is necessary to use the chat-command .declinetask, which will cancel the current order.
The command .hglevel will allow the player to obtain information about the total number of completed and failed tasks, as well as their current level of trust in the Guild:

The level of trust increases as you complete tasks the Hunters Guild. The more tasks player performed and the less tasks he failed, the quicker the level will rise. If the Guild determines that the player too often give up on assignments, the level of trust may fall. So I advise to think, whether to take the order of the selected monster, if you are sure that you will be able to fulfill it. The max trust level is 10.
As a reward for the quest the player will receive
Dragon Claw. The amount of Claws depends on the number of completed and failed tasks, from the level of the monster and the level of the player, and the level of confidence of the player in the Guild. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to increase it as soon as possible to get more rewards.
Received Claws can be used to get Prestige points (1 Claw = 300points. As well as members of the Guild will be able to get a unique costume and hat of the Hunter, which will be sold only for the Dragon Claws.
Посмотреть вложение 109808 Hunter's Suit - 100 Dragon Claws
Посмотреть вложение 109809 Hunter's Hat - 25 Dragon Claws

04.08 event will be launched at 05:00 after a morning restart will be conducted on an ongoing basis. Good luck, Hunters!
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