Active Event - "Collector's task"


Some people collect coins, others stamps, and there are those who collect empty boxes of biscuit.And we want each of our players felt like a collector. For you we have prepared a slightly different job.
Under the new Event, all the players of our project will be to assemble your own collection of cards. And in order to encourage players to participate, we have prepared a nice bonus for those who joined to the society of collectors.
During the event, all players without exception will receive for certain actions
Sunshile Lands Coin. There are several ways by which you can become the owner of these Coins:

- For participation (win) in events Team vs Team/Capture The Flag/Last Hero
- For voting on MMOTop
- Daily entrance to the game
- For each full hour spent in the game (for Premium Account owners)
In special section Alt+B > Events for 5 Sunshile Lands Coins you can buy
Pack of Ranom Collectible Cards. Open it, you could obtain from 1 to 4 random cards . Also on the opening event, each player will be able to get a free Pack as a reward for daily entrance to the game. In total there are 5 types of cards, each of which has its rarity and, accordingly, your chance of getting out Pack:
Collection card - Elcardia
Collection card - Lilith
Collection card - Anakim
Collection card - Frintezza
Collection card - Astair van Halter

Having collected 10 identical Cards, they can be exchanged either for appropriate Collector's Chest, or for 1 Card following rarity. In order to make it easier to understand what is and what can be exchanged, we made up some scheme which will help to understand:

Each Collector's Chest contains a random reward, which depends on its type. The following is a list of items which you can obtain by opening a Chest:
Black Collector's Chest:

  • Fame Scrolls
Green Collector's Chest:

  • Fire Crystal Огня (20)
  • Water Crystal (20)
  • Earth Crystal (20)
  • Wind Crystal (20)
  • Dark Crystal (20)
  • Holy Crystal (20)
Blue Collector's Chest:

  • Giant Codex (100)
  • Giant Codex - Mastery (25)
Red Collector's Chest:

  • Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) (20)
  • Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S) (20)
  • Destruction Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) (5)
  • Destruction Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S) (5)
Gold Collector's Chest:

  • Collector's Ring
  • Collector's Earring
  • Collector's Necklace
Collector's Ring - MP +25. Increases Atk. Spd by 5% and Cast. Spd. by 5%. When eqiupped with two identical rings, the effect of only one ring will be applied. Cannot be traded, dropped, sold.
Collector's Earring - MP+37, HP +250. Increases Accuracy by 2, Vampiric Rage effect by 4%. Decrease physical skill reuse delay by 5%, MP consumtion for magic skills by 3%. Reduces damage received in PvP by 3%. When equipped with two identical earrings, only one effect is applied. Cannot be traded, dropped, sold.
Collector's Necklace - MP +250, HP +500, CP +1035. Increases P. Atk. by 4% M. Atk. by 8%, Crit. Power by 15% and Magic Crit. Rate by 2. Cannot be traded, dropped, sold.
Event lasts from 05.02 to 07.03
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