Active Bonuses for new playes on Averia x50


Grand opening of х50 server thundered a little less than two weeks ago. High online and rates have surpassed all our expectations. But our team does not want to stop there, and therefore we continue to attract players to our servers. Today we made several mailings, so an influx of new players is expected in the near future. And in order for the start for the beginners to be more pleasant, we have prepared excellent bonuses that will help them to develop faster in the game in order to catch up with the rest.

Today, June 6, after the morning restart at 05:00, all characters that was created on the x50 server will receives new set of starting items.

  • Rune Experience 50%. 10 Hours.
  • Rune SP 50%. 10 Hours.
  • Equipment set for warriors (D-grade)
  • Equipment set for wizards (D-grade)
  • - 3 vitality potions
  • - No Grade Spiritshots for beginers (500 Pieces.)
  • - No Grade Soulshots for beginers (1000 Pieces.)
In addition, at 61st level, characters will receive the x4
Novice Coupon, which can be exchanged in a special section of the Store in the Alt + B shop.

Received Novice Coupons can be exchanged for:
  • - A-Grade equipment pack of your choice
  • - A-Grade weapon on your choice
  • - A-Grade jewelry pack
  • - A-Grade Soulshot/Spiritshot pack of your choice

We also hasten to announce that on the x50 server we launched Referral System!
All info about this system can be found here
Invite your friends and take part with promotions together to get more bonuses! We will be happy to see every new player on our servers!
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