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New High Five server x55 - launch on April 6, 2018! Hurry to read description and to get a bonuses!

Active Referral system - invite your friend and receive a bonus!

Discussion in 'Events & Announces - Rise x55 - Start on April 6th 2018!' started by Betty, Feb 8, 2017.

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  1. Betty

    Betty Support

    Dear Averians!
    The opening of the February х55 was so successful that every day the number of unique players is rapidly growing, what the administration is actively promoting. And now we are giving you the opportunity to participate in the increase of online on the server: invite your friends, participate in the referral program and get bonuses!

    Description of the referral system:
    In the project there is a new voice command: .referral
    Every player 21+ level is assigned a unique six-digit code, which is needed in order for the referred friend introduced it to receive the bonus. Please note that the code can enter beginners only until 20th level: after 21 you receive your unique code, and the ability to activate will disappear.

    The window asking to enter a code, beginners will also appear on certain levels.
    At first let's talk about conditions of participation in the referral program:
    1. A character who enters the code should be created not earlier than 7 February.
    2. This HWID\IP should not previously play on the server х55;
    I suggest not to waste your time in vain if you are fans of the cheating: in addition to checking, all referral actions will be logged and viewed by administrators.

    And now to the best - bonuses!
    You invited a friend to our project - excellent! When he inputs your code he will get:
    • [​IMG] Premium-Account for 1 day;
    • [​IMG] Vitality Replenishing Potion - 2x;
    • [​IMG] Rune SP 30% for 7 days.
    A nice bonus will help quickly start the game and join the server life. :thumbsup:

    But the gifts don't end there!We are very grateful for the involvement of the player, so as a reward prepared the following bonuses:
    You will get reward, when one of your referrals received sub-class:

    • [​IMG] Fame Rune for 3 days;
    • [​IMG] Dark Crystal - 5x;
    • [​IMG] Water Crystal - 5x;
    • [​IMG] Wind Crystal - 5x;
    • [​IMG] Holy Crystal - 5x;
    • [​IMG] Earth Crystal - 5x;
    • [​IMG] Fire Crystal - 5x;
    You will get reward, when one of your referrals received Noblesse:
    • [​IMG] Avers - 30x;
    • [​IMG] Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-grade) - 3x;
    • [​IMG] Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapom (S-grade) (S) - 1x;

    Don't let your friends miss the hot and Grand opening of this winter - Averia.ws x55 waiting for everybody!
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Thread Status:
This thread is more than 100 days old.